a digital drawing of kale, the artist running this site. he is a lightly tanned white person with brown hair short on the sides and long on top, with the long hair flopping to his left and slightly over his face. in this drawing they are wearing a light red shirt, a mint green minecraft varcity jacket with a creeper embroidered on the left, and black skinny jeans. the background is messy overllapping lines over a darker green, the whole image has a very light overlay that is similar to the background

this tiny spot of the internet is where i wil be plastering all my art and small projects/comics for the creachures around the internet to feast on, but i shall also put some litte personal things too, as a treat.

i am still learning html, and need a place to experiment to see what works adter disecting other peices of code, so this site will be termainally under construction, the site is alive and could be changing and shifting at any given moment, so be carefull and try not to fall into a 404, as i cant garentee your safety down there.


a headshot of my fursona knif, a bright green cat with red and purple accents and an old samsung tablet for a face, with the letters K T M, which is short for Kale the monster

aside from commissions and some gifts for friends, i mostly do things for my OCs, ranging from completely orginal stories to closed species with species lore. but some fanart and self insert stuff is sprinkled in here and there as well.

my main big project is a comic (still in very early deveolment) called Changing Face! Changing Face is about the intertwining stories of a friend-group of 9 in their senior year in highschool(exept for one), and how they grow and change thoughout the year. oh and did i mention their all not... well... human?.

i will put some Changing Face stuff here such as character art and things, but most of it will go onto the site changing face itself will be hosted on!.

Recent stuffs?!?!?!?!?

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jasper, a siren shirmp shifter with orange skin and pale orange vitilgo most prominent around his eyes, tip of nose, and around his mouth. he has green eyes, long wavy dark green hair, and papery fin ears. he is wearing an open darker orange short sleeve button up shirt, the left sleve rolled up a bit to show his ampuataion stump. the image cuts off before you can see his green corset. he is drawn over the 'cover them up slut' meme, with the comment saying 'cover them up' in refrence to his pecs having an image of @Lemonmoth / @s1ncla1r 's shrimp callisto implying he is the one saying it. two of my shrimp sfifters, blossom and source. source (it/xe), who has short, very dark purple hair with a dyed magenta fringe that coovers xer eyes and red and magenta racoon tail style dyed longer strands ath the front. it's skin is a darker mid tone, and it's wearing a light blue shirt with a white lower case g for the g-mod logo, a open black zip up hoodie with small magenta and back checkers on the arms and inner lining, red fingerless gloves, and the image is cut off at xer belt, which is magenta and red. xe has magenta shrimp antenna on its head, one beign smootha and curved while the other has jagged crumples in the middle.. it'ts to the left side of the image. blossom (she/her) is has brown hair that is straight until 2-ish inches before the end of each strand and curly bangs. she is wearing a red sleeveless turtle neck cut croptop with a green apple on it, and dark khaki green pants that have darker parts on the outside of the pockets which have an apple seed embroidered on her skin is a light tan that is darker on her nose, top lip, shoulders, and knuckles, she has dark black freckles, three on each cheek in a triangle formantion, four on the brige of her nose in a diamond formation, and shoulders. she has two red shrimp anteena which both have a small kink in the middle, she has bright green scales on her elbows, and a bright green shrimp tail with black stripes on it. she is holding a round black caffe style coffe mug with coffee in it and a cinimon stick, indicating there is more cinamon in the coffee. she is taller than source. they are standing against a brick wall with the sky visible over top,'blah blah blah blah blah' is floating around source, indicating their talking about random nonsense that kale (the artist) couldnt be bothered to write, blossom is listening to it. refrence sheet of nova, an anchient shrimp shifter. hie has different shades of purplish blue and and pale blue-teal skin stiched together, short, downards curved blue horns, swimming blades on the side of their face, a flat bladed shrimp tail, purple hair with light green streaks, black scelera, dark teal shimp anteena and wiskers with bioluminessent bulbs on the ends, and an extra hand on his right arm. he has a pale green varcity jacket with dark teal sleeves and black trim. their also waring black jeans, a purple shirt, and shoes that match the jacket. he has a cane with a purple pole, black foot and handle to his right on the image is his shrimp form and the refrence for his scales and skin patches.